Orquesta Tipica Almagro
"Fueye" (2013)

This is a recording filmed by myself and my friend Elsa Broclain from 2013 of a classic tango, "Fueye" sung by Hernan "Cucuza" Castiello and the Orquesta Tipica Almagro. This project is the latest endeavor of the musicians I worked with over the past few years. The same musicians who participated in opening the club, starting the community string orchestra, and organizing the neighborhood tango festivals in Almagro and now the Villa Crespo neighborhood. Hernan "Cucuza" Castiello is another well recognized figure for the neighborhood tango communities. He started a tango night at a bar called El Faro, featured in the second half of the film The Procession of the White Bandoneon. This place has become legendary to many young and old musicians and tango fans today as a local place to experience tango in an intimate, neighborhood bar setting.