I am an ethnomusicologist, violinist, and filmmaker currently working as a Visiting Lecturer at the Indiana University Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology. This website is primarily dedicated to my dissertation research on the neighborhood tango music scenes of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Argentina, I studied tango music as a form of participatory urban socialization and as a form of urban activism. In my dissertation I used film, photography and writing to produce local visual and sensory understandings of tango as a live-music culture, not "for-export."  I have been involved with tango music in Buenos Aires since 2005 as a violinist, filmmaker, photographer, organizer and researcher. My other interests include researching the cognitive effects of music on elders with dementia, documenting social protest in Sicilian popular music, and playing bluegrass and old-time fiddle. Please feel free to contact me at jgubner@indiana.edu.