Short Film: The Crazies of Almagro  (2013)

This is a draft of a larger film I am making about my research. My goal is to try to use footage from different moments in my fieldwork to draw connections between the people, places and events that make up the heart of this part of Almagro's tango community. It has been my biggest challenge thus far as it deviates from the kind of sensory placed events featured in the other films and instead spans multiple venues, different events and the subjectivities of different people. As of now, it starts with the opening night of an independently organized tango club and ends with the recording of a CD for Osvaldo Peredo, the singer who became legendary in Roberto's Bar in the late 1990s. As with my other films, the goal of this film is to illustrate, through interviews and sensory images, how locality is produced in this community through many different and diverse forms of tango music making.