Journal Articles

In Preparation. “Transforming Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Dementia through Collaborative Filmmaking: Intergenerational Films about Music and Memory®.” To be submitted January 2019 to the Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics Education.

2018. "The Music and Memory Project: Understanding Music and Dementia through Applied Ethnomusicology and Experiential Filmmaking." Yearbook for Traditional Music 50: 15-40.

2018. “More than Fishnets & Fedoras: Filming Social Aesthetics in the Tango Scenes of Buenos Aires & The Making of A Common Place (2010).” Sound Ethnographies 1(1): 171-186. URL:  

Book Chapters

2016. “‘Yo Soy un Fenómeno, Pero Sin Ustedes No Soy Nada’: Intimidad pública y sentimentalismo tanguero a través de la vida y canto de Osvaldo Peredo." In Tango: Ventanas del   Presente II, edited by Mercedes Liska and Soledad Venegas, 163-193. Buenos Aires: Centro Cultural de la Cooperación. 

[English Translation]
 2016. "'I’m  a Phenomenon, But Without You All I’m Nothing’: Public intimacy and tango sentimentalism in the life and song of Osvaldo Peredo." In Tango: Windows to the Present II, edited by Mercedes Liska and Soledad Venegas, 163-193. Buenos Aires: Centro Cultural de la Cooperación.

Book & Film Reviews

2018. Film Review Music Man Murray. Richard Parks. 2011. In Ethnomusicology. [Forthcoming 2019]

2017. Book Review of The Militant Song Movement in Latin America: Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina. Edited by Pablo Vila. 2014. Lexington Books. In Journal of Folklore Research Reviews.


2014. “Tango, Not-For-Export: Participatory Music- Making, Musical Activism, and Visual Ethnomusicology in the Neighborhood Tango Scenes of Buenos Aires.” Ph.D Dissertation, University of California Los Angeles.

Recent Invited Talks

2018. "The Music and Memory Project at Indiana University Bloomington: Using iPods to Promote Healthy Aging, Intergenerational Community Engagement, and Public Dementia Education." Earlham College, Richmond, IN [April 2018]

2018. "iPods on Memory Lane: Teaching Creative Aging and Intergenerational Community Engagement through the Music & Memory Project." Women in Music Festival, Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles, CA [March 2018]

2017. "Doing and Teaching Multimodal Ethnomusicology through Film." Digital Pedagogy Workshop, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

2017. "Experiential Filmmaking as a Mode of Activist Ethnomusicology." International Seminar for audiovisual Ethnomusicology, University of Turin, Italy

2016. "From Tango Bars to iPods on Memory Lane: Doing Multimodal and Experiential Ethnomusicology through Film." IU Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology Colloquium, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Recent Conference Papers

2018. "Doing, Discussing, and Teaching Audiovisual Ethnomusicology Today: A Roundtable Discussion." ICTM Audiovisual Ethnomusicology Study Group Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal [May 2018]

2018. "Desde la Teoría hacia la Práctica: Desafíos y Problemas de la Etnomusicología Audiovisual Actual." ICTM Latin America and Caribbean Study Group Meeting, Salto, Uruguay [May 2018]

2017. “Unlocking Memories, Rethinking Advocacy: Sensory Filmmaking in the Study   of Music and Dementia.” Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado. Chair. 

2017. “Building Sound Communities: Musical Engagement as Cultural Activism.” Imagining America: Arts and Scholars in Public Life, National Conference, Davis, California. 

2017. "Teaching about Music and Alzheimer's through Applied Ethnomusicology and Digital Humanities.” International Council for Traditional Music Conference,  Limerick, Ireland.

2017. “Tango, Not-For-Export.” 53 minute documentary selected for film library at the 15th RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and London)  Film Festival. Bristol, England.

2017. “Roundtable: Ethnomusicology and Public Humanities.” Symposium on Ethnomusicology and the Humanities, Indiana University Bloomington. 

2016. “Teaching Sensory Ethnography: Between Research and Creative Practice.”  Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education’s 15th Transatlantic Forum, Chicago, Illinois.

2016 “More than Fishnets and Fedoras: Sensory Filmmaking and the Empowerment of Local Social Aesthetics in the Tango Scenes of Buenos Aires.” International Council for Traditional Music 1st Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology. Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

2015. “‘I’m a Phenomenon, but without you all, I’m Nothing’: Strategies of Audience Building in the Tango Underground.”  Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas.